Revitol™ Cellulite Solution Review

Is Revitol™ Cellulite Solution a Smart Choice?


Revitol™ Cellulite Solution Description:

As stated by the manufacturer, Revitol™ is promoted to help reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples. On the manufacturer’s website, Revitol™ is also promoted for both men and women. The manufacturer claims that Revitol™ is easy to apply and that the product is applicable on the thighs, legs, arms and buttocks. However, the manufacturer does not claim that Revitol™ has been clinically tested to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Yet, the manufacturer claims that Revitol™ contains all natural ingredients.

On the manufacturer’s website Revitol™ is promoted as a cream that has no residue or bad odor. It appears that men and women can obtain this product for less than $70 online. According to the manufacturer, Revitol™ cream should be applied 3-4 times a day and you’ll see the difference. For more info on other cellulite products, please refer to the review grid and click on the learn more tab.

Revitol™ Cellulite Solution Features:

• Promoted to decrease appearance of cellulite dimples
• Firms and smoothes the look of skin
• Retails for under $70
• NOT Clinically Tested for Cellulite
• Results may be seen within a matter of weeks

Revitol™ Cellulite Solution Details:

Form: Cream
Size: 4 fl oz
Instructions & Ingredients: Click here for information

Revitol™ Cellulite Solution Results:

The manufacturer reports that results vary by person however, you should observe small differences along the way.

Revitol™ Cellulite Solution Conclusion:

Based on information published on the manufacturer’s website, Revitol™ does not appear to be clinically tested for cellulite. However, the manufacturer claims that the product contains natural ingredients and is marketed for both men and women. Revitol™ retails for under $70 on the manufacturer’s website. According to the manufacturer, Revitol™ contains caffeine, which helps make skin appear tighter and smoother looking. The manufacturer also suggests that Revitol™ can offer results within a few weeks.


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